September 8, 2021

EQL expands into employee benefits market

EQL partners with employee benefits provider Collective Benefits to bring digital physiotherapy care to independent workers

Partnering with Collective Benefits bring digital physiotherapy care with Phio

Independent workers registered with the on-demand platforms partnered with Collective Benefits will be able to access Phio free of charge. Phio will be offered alongside other key income protection schemes, such as injury pay or accident, that provide compensation if workers need time off due to injuries or have to front any additional medical bills.

“The partnership with EQL is a really important step in providing enhanced benefits to independent workers and we are pleased to be able to expand our healthcare benefits to further support this underserved workforce," said Anthony Beilin, CEO and Co-founder, Collective Benefits.

Anthony Beilin, CEO and Co-founder, Collective Benefits

“Over 15 million hours of GPs’ time is taken up annually on MSK-related issues. Whilst having the potential to support a nation of 6.6 million independent workers through one of the most common workplace injuries, our partnership with EQL, introducing Phio will also help us to reduce dependency on the NHS by allowing workers to manage their issues digitally.”

Access to physiotherapy made easy for independent workers

Given the nature of their work, independent workers are more likely to be hit financially harder if taking time off work for MSK than those in employment, with a third of independent workers lacking any savings at all, and 96% having no income protection in the form of sickness and injury cover.

“Our partnership with Collective Benefits is a leap forward in providing digital-first MSK care to independent workers,” said EQL’s CEO and Co-founder, Jason Ward. “By offering agile and remote end-to-end MSK healthcare, we support faster access to the right MSK care and empower those whose injury is suitable for self-management, to take control of their own healthcare needs, wherever, and whenever they choose - a key benefit to those working outside of the traditional 9-5 office hours.  Earlier intervention is essential for improved health outcomes. At a time with rising NHS waiting lists, it ensures independent workers can get back to normal activities, including work, faster.”

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