Help employees stay happy and healthy

EQL offers a convenient, engaging and efficient way for organisations to help employees with MSK conditions to get the care they need to get better and return to normal activities (including work). 


Faster access to care

Through a more streamlined triage process, Phio Access supports faster access to care — helping to prevent MSK problems becoming chronic and supporting employees to get back to normal activities (including work), faster.


Low-cost, high-scale. 

Using EQL’s robust eHealth platform, Phio Access and Phio Engage provide employers with scalability, engagement and cost-efficiencies that only tech can.


People-first solutions  

Healthcare only works when you get patients' buy-in. That’s why Phio Access and Phio Engage feature a user-friendly, people-minded user interface that engages employees and encourages them in helping themselves get back to health.


Get care anywhere

Phio Engage gives employees self-managed care in the palm of their hands and supports them with a convenient way to continue/manage their recovery journey whenever and wherever they want.


Empowered employees

Utilising cutting-edge design and behavioural change models, Phio Engage facilitates self-managed care, allowing employees to take ownership of their ongoing needs. Self-management at an earlier stage can prevent MSK problems from becoming chronic and long-lasting, and gets employees back to normal activities (including work), faster.

How we help employers

Phio products give employees better access and the chance of improved management of MSK healthcare, with convenient and engaging tools that they’ll actually want to use. And we do it in a way that scales to your needs, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Here’s how:

What our clients are saying...

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"96% of independent workers have no sickness or injury pay, so take a financial hit when taking time off with MSK-related conditions. Phio offers those workers fast, round the clock access to the right MSK care, which is important because the majority don’t work traditional office hours. Those suitable can then get remote care, which helps them back to work much more quickly.”

Anthony Beilin

CEO and Co-Founder
at Collective Benefits

We see a huge opportunity for EQL to add value to our pioneering clinical studies through ability of the Phio platform to provide remote patient monitoring and digitally enhanced patient pathways, which can be applied across the spectrum of patients we see to enhance their follow up experience.

We envisage the digital development of clinical pathways and remote patient monitoring leading to improved compliance, reassurance of connectivity with clinicians for patients, increased accessibility and facilitating clinical research.

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