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We live at the intersection of technology, healthcare and humanity. We exist to put the right patients in front of the right clinicians and to make sure that everyone across the healthcare system has the tools they need to give and receive the care they need for the best outcomes possible.

We’re here to change healthcare for good

We want to empower people to take control of their healthcare needs, so we’re on a mission to design, build and share the tools needed to do that. For our clients, we want to improve efficiencies through the power of technology and innovation whilst ensuring clinical robustness.

Our story

Our founders are a team of technology and health experts who saw a healthcare system that wasn’t serving patients as it should and decided to do something about it. We believe technology can revolutionise healthcare and we’re committed to realising that potential as efficiently, comprehensively and humanly as possible. We bring together healthcare, technology and clinical research to achieve that goal.

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Meet our founders

Jason Ward: CEO & Co Founder of EQL

Jason Ward

CEO and Co-founder

"It’s not very often you get the opportunity to bring together a group of brilliant, talented, people to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. That’s what we’re doing at EQL. We are razor-focused on patient needs and experiences, while delivering meaningful positive impact on global healthcare systems."

Peter Grinbergs: Chief Medical Officer & Co Founder of EQL

Peter Grinbergs

Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder

"I’m excited to be at the forefront of both technological advances and medical science. I sincerely believe people want to improve their own health and, as clinicians, we should ensure the best possible means are available to encourage them.”

Samantha Medcraft: Head of Operations & Co Founder of EQL

Samantha Medcraft

Head of Operations and Co-founder

“I want patients to be able to be more than patients. I want them to have an engaged, informed and active involvement in their care. That’s why I helped create EQL. And that’s the healthcare world I want to continue to build.”

Meet some of the team...

Michael Guard

Head of Clinical Services

"Striving for optimum accessibility, clinical outcome and experiences for all patients is central to our endeavours here at EQL. We aim to have maximum impact on populations/users and on healthcare systems."

Kate Ryan

MSK Data Science Clinical Expert

"When you’re creating tools for healthcare, you need an informed approach. Data, evidence and accuracy are important. Our cutting-edge tech is based on the most up to date and highest quality evidence available. Combined with expert clinical opinion and rigorous testing, this ensures safe, accurate and intuitive patient journeys."

Ayesha Karim

Head of Product

"EQL is focused on understanding our patient’s needs, improving their experience and delivering on the outcomes they hope for."

Bright Boahen

Head of Engineering

“We’re here to build health tech software that provides quick, accurate and accessible healthcare for all. That’s what makes our products different. That’s what makes our products work. That’s the standard we set for everything we make.”

Tim Wright

Global Strategic Partnerships

“I'm at EQL because I want my work to serve a greater mission, a mission that helps people. This dedication drives everything I do as a member of this team, and I believe it drives everything we do as a company.”

Jamie Ornsby

Business and Data Analyst

"Working for EQL is a unique experience, focusing on a wide range of problems as part of a new, fast-growing, healthcare business."

Rowena Tunks

Clinical Governance Lead

"EQL is an innovative and dynamic organisation that is using technology to push the conventional boundaries of healthcare and lead the way forwards. As a clinician, it's exciting and fulfilling to be part of moulding that change."

Michaela Abt

Operations Lead

"We are working towards a purpose at EQL, changing the way healthcare is provided."

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Who we work with

We work with people across the healthcare landscape to help with efficiency, access and empowerment — for patients, clinicians, insurers, employee benefits providers, pharmaceutical companies — everyone.

Organisations & awards

We’re proud to be supported by several organisations in the health and tech communities and we’ve been fortunate enough to be recognised with a few awards along the way.

Here are some of them:

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