With Phio, insurers get faster care for less cost 

Phio Access helps patients get to clinicians faster and makes the referral process more accurate and easy to navigate.  Phio Engage helps people to better self-manage their MSK health condition, where appropriate. That helps people take control of their care, which means lower claims costs and better customer experience.


Early intervention

Phio Access fast-tracks patient care enabling early intervention, helping patients with MSK conditions to get better before they get worse.

Phio Engage facilitates immediate intervention for those who need it, improving the chances of a more rapid recovery and reducing the time and cost of treatment.


Reduced claim costs

Phio Access gets patients on the road to recovery sooner, mitigating the costs associated with chronic pain and secondary care.

Phio Engage makes sure care is managed more effectively, facilitating efficiencies and lower claim costs.


Consistent and transparent referral 

With an accessible digital-first approach, Phio Access promotes a more consistent and transparent referral process to get the right patients in front of the right clinicians faster, shortening the claim life cycle.


Empowered patients

Utilising cutting-edge interactive interfaces, Phio Access gets patients involved in the triage process by identifying patients who can self-manage as early as possible, saving time and costs of care.

Phio Engage facillitates self-management during the care process and allows patients to take ownership of their ongoing recovery.


Better MSK management

Phio Engage promotes patient-centred healthcare and improved overall wellbeing, avoiding increased/secondary claims costs with chronic MSK conditions and associated comorbidities.

How we help health insurers

From triage to care, we aim to make the MSK patient journey more efficient. That means faster access to care and supported self-management (where appropriate), which helps to produce more streamlined and cost-effective claims.

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