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Across the patient and provider healthcare journey, Phio gives Private Healthcare Providers and their MSK patients the tools they need to achieve the best and most efficient results possible.

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“We’re excited about what Phio Access brings us as a business. It allows us to serve our corporate and insurance markets very differently. Our insurance clients are seeking evidence-based digital tools and Phio Access offers a nice, easy, end-to-end journey, from the first clinical appointment to a successful discharge, which helps the patient and brings all the data into one place.

"That consistency of data when aligned with our innovative models of care helps to improve efficiency and outcomes and allows us to deliver much better value to our clients and their members."

Stuart McGoldrick, Founder & Chairman of Spectrum Health

Stuart McGoldrick

Founder & Chairman
Spectrum Health

Superior customer experience

Phio Access is an industry leader in the new era of MSK healthcare tech. By becoming an early adopter of digital-first triage, Private Healthcare Providers can offer a superior customer experience with easy-to-use eHealth tools that set them ahead of their competition.

Phio Engage takes the same approach to care management with accessible and responsive user interface (UI) that patients want to use and providers find useful.


Higher access to care

By streamlining the triage process, Phio Access allows the healthcare system to serve more people, making sure everyone gets the care they need.


Remote access

Phio Access allows private healthcare providers to triage patients remotely, making services much more convenient, efficient and accessible to their PHP customers.


Streamlined care 

With digital reporting and data-driven self-management, Phio Engage provides efficiencies across the PHP patient care process.

Saving time with administrative logistics and allowing clinicians to focus their time on the patients that need it most, Phio helps PHPs work smarter.


Data-driven management

Phio Engage gives clinicians and patients a data-driven healthcare partner; enabling a more efficient use of physio resources with a scalable, easy to administer, self-management tool.

How we help commercial private healthcare providers

The Phio platform offers comprehensive solutions to a number of private MSK healthcare provider pain points. Most notably, getting the right care to the most patients in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s how:

How we help clinicians in private healthcare

We’re here to help clinicians give patients the right care as efficiently as possible. The Phio platform gives clinicians the time and information they need to triage and treat each individual patient, to support faster and better care and outcomes.

Here's how:


Reduced triage time

Phio Access allows clinicians to spend more patient-facing clinician time on care, by streamlining existing triage processes.


Accurate assessments

By reducing unnecessary appointments, Phio Access provides improved quality of triage process, with more accurate and in-depth assessments not constrained by time limits.


Faster access to care

By identifying patients who require urgent referral or are more suited for self-management, Phio Access facilitates faster access for patients and gets the right patients the right care as soon as possible.


Robust care insights

Phio Engage provides data-rich patient information, giving clinicians greater insights on patient recovery to improve health outcomes.


Patient-first process

Phio Engage encourages patients to get involved in their own care and helps clinicians work closer together with the patient for improved outcomes.


Prioritised clinician visits

Not every patient needs the same amount of clinician time. Phio Engage enables patients take agency over their MSK recovery journey where possible and helps clinicians prioritise the patients who really need face-to-face intervention.

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