August 30, 2021

EQL expands into Ireland with new partnership

New partnership between EQL and Spectrum Health is first into overseas markets

EQL announces their latest partnership with Spectrum Health, Ireland’s largest physiotherapy provider.

Spectrum Health went live with Phio Access on 1 January 2021. The clinically-led digital physiotherapy triage support tool, which allows patients to accurately assess any MSK injury, has been rolled out initially through Spectrum Health’s corporate and insurance clients.

By adding Phio Access to their service offering, Spectrum Health offers their insurance clients an evidence-based digital tool with a frictionless end-to-end customer journey. Phio Access gives their patients access anywhere, anytime.

“We’re excited about what Phio Access brings us as a business and where it could take us,” said Anne McGoldrick, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Spectrum Health. “It allows us to serve our market very, very differently. EQL is to my mind really pushing the boundaries of physio technology, both with what they have now and what they’re bringing to market.

We wanted a long-term partner and they’re very ambitious, which means we can be ambitious with our services on the back of it.”

Anne McGoldrick, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Spectrum Health.

"EQL is to my mind really pushing the boundaries of physio technology, both with what they have now and what they’re bringing to market."

Progressive approach to physiotherapy

Phio Access offers a streamlined, end-to-end journey from the first clinical appointment to a successful discharge. It gives the patient more convenient access and allows them to commence the treatment plan early, reducing the likelihood of ongoing problems and encouraging faster recovery.  It also allows the clinician to add value by spending less time asking patients to retell their story and more time on treatment. This supports patients to get better, faster. 

Phio Access is a clinically robust application developed with industry leaders. It adapts to 3,000+ scenarios with powerful decision trees and captures all the data in one place. Ensuring consistency of that data helps to improve efficiency and outcomes and will enable Spectrum Health to deliver much better value to their insurance clients.

“We’re on a mission to design, build and share the technology needed to enable peoples’ access to healthcare and improve efficiencies by delivering consistently high-quality healthcare technology,” said EQL’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Ward. “We’re excited to work with Spectrum Health, a company that combines clinical excellence and best business practices to deliver a progressive approach to physiotherapy.”

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