December 8, 2023

EQL's Journey of Growth and Learning through the Google AI for Health Growth Academy

A behind-the-scenes look at our experience with Google Health

The role of AI in healthcare is advancing across prevention,  diagnosis, treatment and the delivery of care. Among these innovators is EQL, providing self-service assessment tools for individuals with muscle and joint problems. EQL's journey of growth and learning has been significantly shaped by the Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health, a transformative programme designed to empower startups across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Led by a team of experienced professionals including Magdalena Przelaskowska, Yuval Passov, Liron Sela Maskit, Noam Feinstein, and Aleksandra Garbala, the Google AI for Health Growth Programme has become a beacon of support for health innovators like EQL. The three-month programme focuses on providing essential skills, internationalisation strategies, and access to Google’s expertise, tools and products necessary for scaling in the healthcare and well-being industry.

EQL is one of the 30 carefully selected high-potential companies participating in the programme, representing a diverse range of innovations from 15 different countries across the EMEA region. What sets this cohort apart is not just the incredible projects they are working on, but also the diverse leadership—a testament to the inclusivity and diversity fostered by the programme.

Representing the cohort with Carmen Pauline Rios Benton

The Growth Academy encompasses a series of virtual workshops covering a wide array of topics crucial for success in the healthcare AI space. From "Growth in the AI Age" to "Google in Health - the Story So Far," founders gain insights into the dynamic intersection of AI and healthcare. The programe delves into crucial aspects of leadership, brand building, and storytelling, recognising the importance of not just technological innovation but also effective communication and brand development.

Throughout the programme, founders are exposed to the intricacies of the health system, understanding its nuances and challenges. Workshops on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), business models, cloud security, and the role of clinicians in Health AI startups provide a comprehensive understanding of the diverse facets of running a successful healthcare venture.

Launch day; Jason Ward & Peter Grinbergs

Internationalisation and go-to-market strategies are explored to equip founders with the knowledge needed to expand their reach globally. Topics such as data and measurement, Google Ads, working with clinical data, and evaluating the impact of AI in health ensure a well-rounded education in the technical and ethical aspects of healthcare AI.

The lineup of mentors and speakers is equally diverse, bringing expertise from various sectors including healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship. Founders have the opportunity to learn from professionals such as Susan Thomas, Director of Google Health UK; James Matthews, Head of Revenue Strategy, Google Cloud EMEA; Greg Albrecht, Executive Coach; Uri Levron, Branding Workshop; Prof Yossia Matias, VP Health AI Global Lead, Google; Sofia Benjuimea, Head of Google for Startups EMEA; UK Minister for AI and IP, Mr Viscount Camrose; Colin Murdoch, Chief Business Officer, Google DeepMind; Dmitry Gurski, Flo Health; Maya Leventer-Roberts, Google Health; and Dan Vahdat, CEO of Huma, among others.

Google: AI for Health Growth Academy. Graduation Ceremony

The Growth Academy: AI for Health is not just a programme; it is a community that fosters collaboration, learning, and growth. EQL and its fellow high-potential companies are not only gaining knowledge but also forming lasting connections that have the potential to shape the future of healthcare through responsible AI innovation.

As EQL and its peers embark on this transformative journey, the Google AI for Health Growth Programme stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and responsible innovation in shaping the future of healthcare technology. Through the programme, we gained the tools to scale our ventures and contribute to a global network of innovators committed to making healthcare better for everyone.

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