September 6, 2021

EQL and IPRS Health announce new partnership

Partnering with the leading provider of MSK physiotherapy to offer services to the health, insurance and legal sectors

Provider of choice for IPRS Health

EQL is pleased to announce their partnership as a provider of choice for IPRS Health, a leading provider of mental health, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, health and wellbeing services to the occupational health, insurance and legal sectors. 

IPRS Health, which has been offering corporate physiotherapy services since 1995, has added EQL’s Phio Access to its PhysioToday service. The clinically-led digital MSK triage support tool will be used to pathway a patient’s MSK injury through an online assessment. 

With decades of experience, IPRS Health knows its clients very well. Understanding their individual requirements and clinical needs allows IPRS to provide guidance, information and the protocols to support digital assessment as a suitable option. Adding Phio Access to their service offering will help to ensure IPRS Health can offer the most appropriate clinical digital pathway/tool to suit their clients’ varied needs.

“We’re delighted to be working with EQL,” said Martyn Jackson, CEO of IPRS Group. “Phio Access will fit in with a number of our clients very well. It’s very tactile, it’s very easy to use and the technology’s very good. 

“We have been at the forefront of developing new products and services into the market and we’re at the start of an interesting journey around digital services within healthcare. It’s going to be interesting the way that products develop as clients and individuals get used to the way that they’re working with them. We’re looking forward to how Phio Access will help with the engagement of digital solutions as the market progresses.”

Martyn Jackson, CEO, IPRS Group.

“Phio Access will fit in with a number of our clients very well. It’s very tactile, it’s very easy to use and the technology’s very good."

Getting patients on the road to recovery earlier

The main driver for digital assessments is speed of access and Phio Access enables agile and remote access to the right care faster. By removing the nine to five restriction, it offers flexibility and convenience that helps with engagement and makes the patient journey more efficient — getting patients on the road to recovery sooner.

As IPRS Health ultimately seeks to get people back to work as quickly as possible, offering Phio Access in its portfolio of solutions will help to shorten the referral life cycle.

“Like many companies, IPRS Health is aware that everything is moving in a digital direction and healthcare is no different, there is an expectation that certain things can be delivered through a digital means,” said EQL’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Ward. “We’re pleased to be working with IPRS Health, a company with extensive experience in the sector, which prides itself on offering innovative, flexible and tailored services to suit a client’s individual requirements.”

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