July 2, 2024

New Whitepaper: Enhancing Workplace Productivity and Employee Wellbeing with MSK Health

We are pleased to announce the release of EQL’s latest whitepaper: Enhancing Workplace Productivity and Employee Wellbeing with MSK Health. This comprehensive report delves into the critical importance of musculoskeletal (MSK) health in the workplace, focusing on the ever-evolving environment of hybrid work.

The authors of the whitepaper conducted rigorous primary research, including four focus groups with global wellbeing leads. These discussions delivered unique insights into the current strategies, challenges, and best practices in addressing MSK health within diverse corporate environments. The analysis of these conversations allowed us to extract key themes and insights which are thoroughly discussed in the whitepaper.

Why is MSK Health a Workplace Priority for 2024?

MSK disorders have seen a significant rise, particularly among desk workers, with 400,000 more people on long-term sickness due to MSK conditions compared to pre-pandemic times. This surge is largely attributed to the shift to hybrid working models, which often lead to poor ergonomic setups and increased sedentary lifestyles. The implications of MSK health issues extend beyond physical pain and profoundly affect mental health, with 54% of individuals with chronic pain also experiencing anxiety.

Key Insights from the Whitepaper

1. The Current MSK Landscape:

  • MSK disorders are the leading cause of pain and disability in the UK, affecting 18.5% of the population
  • These conditions are the second highest cause of lost working days, after mental health issues

2. Women’s Propensity to MSK Pain:

  • Nearly 1 in 2 women suffer from MSK pain, influenced by hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, making tailored workplace interventions crucial

3. The Hybrid Work Impact:

  • The rise in hybrid working has led to an increase in MSK issues due to prolonged sitting and poor ergonomic setups at home

4. Integration into Wellbeing Strategies:

  • Despite being a significant health concern, MSK health often lacks strategic integration into broader wellbeing programmes

5. The Need for Data-Driven Approaches:

  • There's a critical need for better data to demonstrate the ROI of MSK health initiatives and to tailor interventions effectively

6. Storytelling and Engagement:

  • Personal stories and case studies are powerful tools in promoting MSK health, helping to humanise the issues and drive engagement

Encouraging a Holistic Approach

Our whitepaper explains the importance of a holistic, integrated approach to MSK health initiatives that combines both physical and digital solutions. This involves:

  • Preventative measures, such as ergonomic assessments and education on proper body mechanics
  • Access to physical treatments and rehabilitation programmes
  • Digital tools, such as remote monitoring and telemedicine consultations, to enhance accessibility and enable personalised care

We invite you to dive into the full whitepaper to explore detailed strategies and practical checklists designed to help you champion MSK health initiatives in your workplace. By fostering a proactive and integrated approach to MSK health, we can enhance employee wellbeing, reduce absenteeism, and boost productivity.

Download the full whitepaper for free and join us in creating healthier, more resilient workplaces.

For more information, or to discuss how EQL can support your organisation’s MSK health initiatives, please contact us.

Jason Ward & Peter Grinbergs, EQL Co-Founders