November 16, 2022

Congratulations to Medicash our award-winning health insurance partner

EQL’s continuous product innovation with partner helps drive success

Hats off to our partner Medicash, who just won the Best Cash Plan Provider at the Health & Protection Awards


It’s part of a continuing streak for the health-based provider who has scooped several other awards this year including Health Cash Plan Provider of the Year 2022 at the Workplace Savings and Benefits Award and Best Cash Plan Provider 2022 at the Corporate Adviser Awards. 


We’re proud to have supported Medicash over the last 18 months, partnering with them to bring Phio, our digital physiotherapy solution to the insurance market for the first time. That partnership has seen more than 300,000 corporate policyholders have access to an end-to-end Phio MSK care programme easily accessible via the Medicash app.

Jason Ward, EQL, CEO and Co-founder

Their dedication to innovation in digital health services, including Phio, has seen them achieve substantial success.

Jason Ward, Co-founder and CEO of EQL, said: “We want to congratulate our partner Medicash on their raft of awards. Their dedication to innovation in digital health services, including Phio, has seen them achieve substantial success.  It’s been a positive partnership and our teams have worked closely together to deliver a product that allows Medicash to offer their members direct access to physiotherapy services when needed and support them to manage their own journey through to recovery.” 


The UK’s longest-established cash plan provider is dedicated to helping offer their members more ways to take care of their everyday health, using technology to deliver an efficient service that offers great value. 


The provider has seen its policy base grow by more than 100,000 policies in the past 18 months to the highest level in its 150-year history.

Medicash cites their continuous product innovation as a key factor in their success and EQL has worked closely with them to provide a service tailored to their needs. The numbers speak for themselves, over the past 12 months, the number of people accessing Phio and completing a digital assessment has grown by 59% month on month.   


Medicash members uptake of our supported self-managed physiotherapy service continues to increase with over 93% of those suitable accepting the digital physiotherapy exercise pathway offered to them. One 40-year-old member described Phio as a “science-led physio app where clinicians can regress or advance you.”


It’s satisfying to know that there’s such high uptake of Phio amongst policyholders and to see that they described their experience as positive. Medicash user feedback during July and August gave the Phio service a +94 Net Promoter Score.


More than 35% of members who undertook a digital assessment were identified as suitable for our remote access self-management support service with an exercise programme tailored for them. This removes the need for a face-to-face appointment with a physiotherapist, enabling Day Zero access and empowers people to take control of their own healthcare needs. Uniquely with Phio, users can control the intensity of the programme according to their needs to ensure users stay engaged with their exercise programme. This together with progress tracking and remote monitoring with in-app clinical support helps users to get better, faster.


A Medicash member aged 61 who had used Phio, said “I was hoping to make my back more resilient, and I feel that’s been achieved. I used to be stiff in the mornings.”

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